5th Global LNG Forum

PARESA’s team is back from the 5th Global LNG Forum in Hamburg.
This two-days event focused this year on demand and supply dynamics, further growth of the global LNG infrastructure, the role of SSLNG in the LNG economy and latest technologies that help make LNG more accessible. Paresa was honored to attend this perfectly organized and fruitful Forum.

On the other side, as all operators in the Oil & Gas sector already know, the persistent critical weather and hydrogeological conditions throughout the Ravenna province did not allow the course of OMC MED Energy 2023. The event will be rescheduled.

Being located in these flood-affected areas, PARESA stands next to its fellow citizens in this critical moment, counting on a quick recovery for all of us.

Romagna, keep holding on, or as we say: TIN BOTA!

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